Who are the people launching rockets in Gaza-Sunni gangs who are not originated from Gaza but hired by someone seek to block energy oil natural gas but nuclear power nuclear used fuel or hydrogen all easily used to build massacre bombs to reinvade the world not only to squeeze every valuable mineral sources but also to force everyone live in a world violence - nuclear/hydrogen power mines or ancient gang violence supremacy reigns..No more Greens No more Tea Party! AntiOil terror Greens anti human right viking gang supremacy walk with Tea Party anti socialism anti human rights

Who are the people launching rockets in Gaza-Sunni gangs who are not originated from Gaza but hired by someone seek to block energy oil natural gas but nuclear power nuclear used fuel or hydrogen all easily used to build massacre bombs to reinvade the world not only to squeeze every valuable mineral sources but also to force everyone live in a world violence - nuclear/hydrogen power mines or ancient gang violence supremacy reigns..No more Greens 
It is greens and tea party.
Gangs called Muslimbrotherhood Hamas FSA AlQaeda ISIS take hostage Gazaians to justify their killings. But many media have been manipulated to see Gaza as if an issue of race and religious faiths. Nevertheless, Intifada and violent attack by Muslimbrotherhood Hamas FSA ISIS all are anti human rights anti west anti big country anarchism tribe violence supremacy gang fundamentalism have been actually robbery and invasion against Israel that is simple criminal activities by Gangs mainly composed of Gangs of Sunnis in the name of Muslimbrotherhood ISIS FSA Hamas AlQaeda recruiting desperate Sunni immigrants all over Middle East and Gangs of Palestinians who have been killing Israelis or anyone including Christians,Palestinians, Beduins Shia Shiite Alawais and even ordinally Sunnis and also kill Sunni worships because Sunni gangs have been of course "fight against worships who preach Muslimbrotherhood AlQaeda FSA Hamas ISIS NOT TO KILL http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/08/23/world/middleeast/gunmen-massacre-more-than-50-sunni-worshipers-in-central-iraq.html?emc=edit_tnt_20140822&nlid=59201087&tntemail0=y&_r=0&referrer= nd Israelis. 

And that is not because of Israel but energy mieral source invasion inciting gang violence supremacy. All because of someone or some Greens "NGOs" intending to substantially block refinement of oil or natural gas to force the world to use nuclear power or hydrogen power as mine to be surrendered into fascism or live without eldctricity to bring the world back to the era of ancient where only violemce reigns without law without concept and protection by rights of individual property life safety labour via governement and legal system, economy banking and currency system. The world has been apparent immediate danger because of someone or quasi "NGOs" who have intended to reinvade Israel or anywhere else by exploiting Palestinians lives via Muslimbrotherhood Hamas AlQaeda FSA ISIS mainly composed of Sunni gangs who are gangs not originated from Palestine but from somewhere around Qatar Kuwait SaudiArabia or from Africa such as Congo Sinalia Yemen, who have been hugely budgeted and contracted as gangs by a big quasiNGOs such as Nazis Greens or some other who have been invading mineral rich areas in Africa and Middle East and Israel as you see Congo massacre leader lived in Germany Austria and Paris very gorgeous huge full floor flats while Hamas leader has been living in Qatar gorgeous huge apartment having special sport gym for him. 
Someone Greens who want to seethe world without oil which has made Middle East rich enough to govern nation as place of fundamental human rights fulfilled, who have been inciting Arab people to kill each other by brainwashing them as if everyone can live in palace if they clashes all the governance banks currency police economy or military exactly as Greens did in Africa where almost all minerals rights have been robbed by Greens and Tea Party via inciting civil riots brutal killing masscre and raping lynches went on until the time each tribe just give in and wave its right of mineral use or their will to claim their tribe property rights on their land mineral sources. The situation was started from robbery against former Yugoslavia seeking to rob Uranium whereas such green sneezers along with anti communism have build a relm of anti west anti communism anti so dualism anti welfare violence supremacy gang resurgence as main stream as "NGOs" which have lynched devastated demolished squeezed African people and African nations which had won independence from all suppressors. 
Their Independence had been materialized with supports from many people with good intentions based on human right conscience in Russia China UK France US along with Spain Italy etc.
And recent 2-3 decades people from all over the world with evil intentions have started squeezing them again in the name of "green revolution" which manipulate anyone to kill any living creatures including woods or crops in fraudulent anti-Russia anti-west anti-economy anti-individual property rights anti-labour rights anti-labour rights and anti-currency which are all designed to justify not to pay or to rob individual property or manipulate ppl to dump own agri ranch property rights by themselves in the name of "Greens revolution" or "food sovereignty" attacking any allocation benefits or public guarantee or welfare socialism but manipulation urging ppl to rend huge money to buy unnecessary agri ranch equipment first then at the end of the day agri ranch farmers voluntarily or inevitably damp their land and rights due to such huge rending or due to violence gang "NGOs" self claiming as if "righteous for the agri people" demolishing value of the land or devastating peace ordinal normal state.
Apparently such invasion seeking mineral sources along with anti-communism anti-capitalism anti-bank anti-currency anti-individual rights anti-modernization aiming at the world only violence gang reigns. Such quasi "movement" massacre has been going on and penentrating into the Middle East or America Europe, not only East Europe, seeking to extend towards Asia Australia or Russia everywhere no matter which economy system a nation or person would take. Point is, for such squeezers, not oil not natural gas but completion of fascism in Viking gang violence supremacy not only for mineral water woods etc etc but for "pure" killing to rebuild? retake the world to make it a place only for pure white Viking gang, I assume. It does not seem, on the surface, racism but what Greens and Tea Party hate to see is/was prosperity of Africans via minerals and Arabs islael is Jewish ppl prosperous in IT tech advance as well as natural gas whereas Greens and Tea Party hate to see any whites such as Anglosaxon or Latin or North Europeans or Asians Aseanians in prosperous because of high technology in every field in prosperous because high technology make this world global and non discriminative equal place where Viking gang violence or material source from minerals woods can not find its place to survive. This world is about to reach to the era where no mineral squeezing is needed any more. 
Someone or "NGOs" who have been trying to reign this world in paranoia to squeeze all Minerals all sources of materials for anti communism whereas someone who have been seeking resurgence of the world of Viking gang violence supremacy without law system withou concepts if individual human rights to protect individual property life freedom body safety rights to live in peace have started "NGO" invitation designed to let kill everyone each other until the time when every life is gone away from the earth but the earth itsel. The latter is, has been, organized by Greens established in 1973 in Tasmania Australia originated from Illuminati "natural deed" brainwashing justifying killing slavery Hannibal as "natural deeds" despite the fact that such deeds are not natural for any life or any human beings but gangs. The simple reason why Greens forces every nation every region to damp thermal electric generation and switch to nuclear power or hydrogen power is because nuclear peer or hydrogen power are easily broken to massacre to the extent that every mini nuclear power or hydrogen power station substantially functions as a sure mortal mines to force or cause people to be forced or manipulated to voluntarily kill each other. It is Greens who have been killing anyone in Gaza Israel or Syria Iraq Lebanon Ukraine Libya Ferguson Congo Somali Mali Yemen Egypt everywhere...no more greens no more tea party racial elimination and class elimination in the name
of fraudulent vise versa campaign "protection of diversity" along with anti socialism quasi "fair movement" targeting economy social policy by manipulating middle upper self employed with less social guarantee from companies or public sectors despite the fact that such self employed or middle class salaryman have been always centre of tax benefits. So where national budget goes? Of course strange spending for strange Greens NGOs' "anti carbon dioxide campain' or subsidy for women who cannot, selfclaed included, have babies for their "non social security covering" means no scientific proof was made to such "medical treaents" takes 2.5 billion yen per one fiscal year aiming at huge increase in the scale of budget and the range of applicants to broaden to anyone who earns for example whose annual income (fiscal year base) 100millon yen.
Such quasi so called "fair" policy is not only actually unfair but also damaging economy by hampering budget effective use to lead a nation's economy circulation devastative. The reason is that the more the number of people who can participate into ordinal consumption decreases the more tax revenue and private company revenue decreae to the extent which definitely reduces consumers then revenue payment job and tax revenue then tax hike and vicious circle starts. 
Ppl don't need Greens Viking gangs ISIS FSA AlQaeda Muslimbrotherhood Hamas Bosco Haram Nuclear power Hydrogen power stations Guns Rifles Shot guns Big knives Ppl don't need Canabis Cocaine Heroin MAMD etc whereas ppl don't need Tea Party 
No more gangs no more Viking gangs inciting riots tribe race religious gender supremacy or money seekers towards violence killings 


Ukraine "govt" is not legitimate government but substantial power of exercising or justifying "military" or violence supremacy Neonazis massacre after its violent brutal killing of citizens to rob the nation and the parliament via armed riot anti-Russia Ukraine nationalism far right gangs in seeking Ukraine government national rights of natural gas oil tungsten -all about money&rights of natural energy resources again

I wonder.. Every media, almost, definitely misdeed vital point which is 2012 democratic results for parliament/EU participation/presidency where parties of Ukraine nationalist anti-Russia whites "Kiev" ongoing "gov" Neonazis Mauden were lost whereas all Ukrainians have had voting rights equally and elections were equally legitimately proceeded as all the world had known well. Ukrainians were living in peace before such armed greens "revolution" anti-commu anti-Russia anti-Big country "protesters" of neonazis or nazis led "NGOs". 
Then I would augue that 
before cease-fire, Pro-Russians have had their legitimacy based on legitimate general election/president election/EU participation ballots in which "gov" robbed the parliament was lost by 60% under legitimate election procedures. The world must urge Ukraine "riot" "government" who were democratically losers against Ukraine constitution and against democratic results. Before cease-fire, Ukraine government must launch fair legitimate process general election to decide what is the real parliament representing Ukraine. 
UN should send election observer to check whether or not "new"Ukraine government can launch legitimate fora election as Yanuckvich had done. And the ongoing riot-made "government" must accept the general election results. 
Ukraine military also needs to obey general election results. 
Ukraine new, not ongoing riot-made "goverent", parliament is to be in the position of deciding who is to represent parliament of Ukraine. 
New, not ongoing riot-made "government", goverent and parliament must respect anti-EU pro-Russian pro-EU Ukrainians as well as strictly enforce parliament power on president elected by illegitimate unfair circumstances of election process into where not had all Ukranians participated due to unfair illegitimate irrational circumstances where riots brutal killings prevailing in Kiev, the parliament located at, to rob Ukraine as a nation by riot invasion agaist Parliament legitimate in democracy 2012 elections.

If no new general election can not be arranged to resume or regain legitimacy of Ukraine democracy and parliament, before cease-fire, or any of such opinions cannot be reflected immediately, or even after such elections, apparently, at the end of the day, situation in Ukraine would be worsened more and more not only for pro-Russians but also pro-EU "green "revolution" anti-Russia dreamers" because in the first place, 1:Ukraine has had no exceed budget but relying on Russian subsidiary, 2:Many of EU member nations are having budget currency problems, which has been heavy burden on even Italy Spain or some other sort of big nations with big compelling competirltive industries for decades that are rather equivalent with Russia, not Ukraine.
So Ukraine people, not only pro-Russian people or activists, will find out soon after Ukraine "gov" keen to occupy oil money and rights of Ukraine government have started taking control of Ukraine oil money with greens and tea party, Ukrainians are anyway to start worsened struggle not with ideology of pro-Russians but with life in misery in budget cuts under EU control of "your" Ukraine after Ukranians are realized the facts of EU traps to squeez oil natural gas rights from and one through Ukraine NeoNazis "gov" and after IMF bate "loan money" are gone into "gov" and greens tea party maiden "NGO" subsidiary.
Ukraine "gov" is not only legitimate but also functional for the people - all the Ukranians including pro-Russian people police and activists no matter which race or religion s/he belongs to.
(Continued...(If you were under such circumstances?!).)....I assume that you would fight aginst New Yorkers of such who set new city mayoral election date to choose anyone who would rob oil money through "new" government while major democratic winner voters, many of who are pro-Russians, are fled to Israel, Crimea or Russia. 
What would you think?  
I must say that at the end of the day it is not only pro-Russia Ukranians but pro-EU "dreamers" who would think of suing someone in the ongoing government who have incited "protesters" to kill and rob the Ukraine Parliament with certain level of huge money to hire private anti-Russia neoNazis solders brutally killed Kiev Oddesa civilians and police or military along with NeoNazis Maiden gangs supported from someone extremely rich foreigner of anti-commu anti-Russia actually seeking to "occupy" and rob all the valuable oil natural gas rights from anti-nazis very rich Jewish Ukranians whom actually all Ukranians should have been supporting.
I also would like to mention about human roghts of pro-Russian protesters or even gangs which are to be equally judged under open court with lawyers, not to be executed by side of roads, whom all are to be freed and alive in peace only if no one powerful who seek to rob the nation Ukraine, Syria or Iraq, had not invaded Ukraine by sending huge heavy arms and billions of money to urge people to kill each other "as "natural deeds" under the brainwashing of "green revolution or killing violence supremacy" until when each land is to be empty but dead bodies.... It is not because of Pro-Rusdians but also not because if pro-EU day dreamers but brainwashing "anti-communism anti-Russia or anti-US or anti-Big countries actually simple violence supremacy gang of anti-law&order greens revolution" urging everyone to kill any lives (urging and justifying killings of lions or rhinos in saying such as;if you killed more lions then more lions can live more, which is utterly wrong or simply lie! Greens "revolution" in Japan has been trying to  justify killings of birds and eat as "natural deeds" !!!??? Or killings of bears no matter how bears are very small child and safe on the top of trees ...greens brainwashing intends to push everyone to kill each other no matter how "reason" cannot be convincing at the end of the day. oh no more greens tea party nazis brainwashing!)


国際連合憲章2条4項の「武力による威嚇または武力の行使」にあたる「自衛 」 或いは国連憲章51条の正当防衛にあたらない「防衛行為」は国際連合憲章違反に あたる蓋然性があり日 本への連合国攻撃正当化要件だ。

国際連合憲章2条4項の「武力による威嚇または武力の行使」にあたる「自衛 」或いは国連憲章51条の正当防衛にあたらない「防衛行為」は国際連合憲章違反にあたる蓋然性があり日 本への連合国攻撃正当化要件だ。






Collective SelfDefence, Droit de Légitime Defence Collective とあり明らかに正当防衛要件を満たした場合のみに限られしかも安全保障理事会の決定による国連平和監視団や国連平和維持活動いわゆるPKOの活動が決定されている場合に国連平和活動が間に合わなかった場合の止むに止まれぬ緊急事態で平和への脅威と認定される場合にかつそれぞれの個別の警察行為が正当防衛要件急迫不正の侵害に対する止むに止まれぬ手段正当性相当性範囲内行為である場合にそのような正当防衛要件満たした行為が集団的集合的に行われても国連憲章違反にあたらないとする条文だ。







この点この51条が「第7章 平和に対する脅威、平和の破壊及び侵略行為に関する行動」の章にある為あたかも海外における国連平和維持活動の一環としての共同軍事行為に関する許容規定のようにみる者も多いのかもしれない。






















「「第7章 平和に対する脅威、平和の破壊及び侵略行為に関する行動 」

第51条 この憲章のいかなる規定も、国際連合加盟国に対して武力攻撃が発生した場合には、安全保障理事会が国際の平和及び安全の維持に必要な措置をとるまでの間、個別的又は集団的自衛の固有の権利を害するものではないこの自衛権の行使に当って加盟国がとった措置は、直ちに安全保障理事会に報告しなければならない (イタリック等筆者私冨田麻里による強調)また、この措置は、安全保障理事会が国際の平和及び安全の維持または回復のために必要と認める行動をいつでもとるこの憲章に基く権能及び責任に対しては、いかなる影響も及ぼすものではない。」

「国際連合憲章 国際連合憲章広報センター URL : http://www.unic.or.jp/info/un/charter/text_japanese/



  1. この機構は、そのすべての加盟国の主権平等の原則に基礎をおいている。
  2. すべての加盟国は、加盟国の地位から生ずる権利及び利益を加盟国のすべてに保障するために、この憲章に従って負っている義務を誠実に履行しなければならない。
  3. すべての加盟国は、その国際紛争を平和的手段によって国際の平和及び安全並びに正義を危うくしないように解決しなければならない。
  4. すべての加盟国は、その国際関係において、武力による威嚇又は武力の行使を、いかなる国の領土保全又は政治的独立に対するものも、また、国際連合の目的と両立しない他のいかなる方法によるものも慎まなければならない。」更に国際連合憲章51条は平和に対する脅威の章で平和に対する脅威に対する国際連合憲章の正当防衛とみられる対応措置と平和に対する脅威に対する正当防衛行為と認められる場合には2条4項の例外を認めるとする51条を置く。第7章 平和に対する脅威、平和の破壊及び侵略行為に関する行動 第51条 この憲章のいかなる規定も、国際連合加盟国に対して武力攻撃が発生した場合には、安全保障理事会が国際の平和及び安全の維持に必要な措置をとるまでの間、個別的又は集団的自衛の固有の権利を害するものではない。この自衛権の行使に当って加盟国がとった措置は、直ちに安全保障理事会に報告しなければならない。また、この措置は、安全保障理事会が国際の平和及び安全の維持または回復のために必要と認める行動をいつでもとるこの憲章に基く権能及び責任に対しては、いかなる影響も及ぼすものではない。」


国際法上国際社会からも本来原則的に違法な海外共同軍事侵攻の可否ー集団的 「 自衛権」詐欺

(以下は私のエキサイトブログdiary with biscuit 2014/04/20 日曜日 掲載と同時掲載です)















表面的に憲法文言を今のところかえるかかえないかの違いにすぎない点に気をつけるべきだ(それでも変えない自民党の方がまだマシではあるということも付け加えておきたい)。<a href="http://t.co/CMeCPe7bf9" target="_blank">例えば小沢一郎憲法試案は9条堅持を売りにするが実際小沢一郎氏憲法試案の9条は文言は同じでも邦人の生命身体財産保護に必要な範囲の共同軍事行動は当然に最初から自衛権に含まれる。「<i>日本国民は、平和に対する脅威、破壊及び侵略行為から、国際の平和と安全の維持、回復のため国際社会の平和活動に率先して参加し、兵力の提供をふくむあらゆる手段を通じ、世界平和のため積極的に貢献しなければならない</i>(#小沢試案)」


鳩山憲法試案は「<i><a href="。http://www.hatoyama.gr.jp/tentative_plan/1-5.html" target="_blank">独立した一つの章として「安全保障」を設け、自衛軍の保持を明記することとした。現行憲法のもっとも欺瞞的な部分を削除し、誰が読んでも同じ理解ができるものにすることが重要なのだ。この章がある以上、日本が国家の自然権としての個別的、集団的自衛権を保有していることについて議論の余地はなくなる。前章の国際協調の条文により、自衛軍の活動が制限されることも明らかだ。http://www.hatoyama.gr.jp/tentative_plan/1-5.html」</a></i>



















軍属 とは 戦前政府内務省陸軍軍事納入入札利権威迫反中国在日台湾系ヤクザ中心の政府軍需産業振興圧力組織:













最近自民党でも自衛権と全く無関係なのにその正当化根拠に自衛っぽいにゅあを組み入れた自衛権詐欺つまり「海外共同軍事侵攻を自国民の生命身体財産を守るに必要な範囲におけいて認める」という紛らわしい自衛権詐欺の大嘘をつくようだ。が、上記でもこれまでブログでも何度も書いたように海外共同軍事侵攻はたとえ一旦国連決議の元で認められたとしても軍事侵攻の途中のどこまでが国連の安全保障理事会の認めたものかの判断は現場では難しい。極めて高度で巧妙な日本への避難決議の元になるオフサイドトラップになり得るのが原則的には絶対に国際法上も国際社会からも認められない海外共同軍事侵攻であり海外共同軍事侵攻行為は日本のような資源弱小国人種弱小国においてはなおさら絶対に行ってはなら無い落ちることのできない罠である。(以下 moreに続く)


Tackle Al-Qaeda/FSA/ISIS/Muslimbrotherhood VikingGang/Nazism/Maoism/PolPot/OUM/Jihadist Tribe Supremacy gang fundamentalism: The world/UN must find measures to tackle machinery to justify to kill and rob to kill more ANY on capitalism, communism, currency, human rights or indivisible rights, globalization,modernization which all stand for and underpin a vital concept - not to kill

Jihadists or fundamentalists aim at killing ANY against Sunni gang supremacy which is a machinery for justifying killings or cleansing of anyone against violence by gangs in the name of tribe actually for rules of killing and robbery for more killings. Please do not confuse jihadists or such gang violence supremacy with discrimination against Islam or any. Jihadists or Maoism which is a machinery of justification or celebration of killings and robberies against ANY against violence gangs, which have been seen in whites as Nazism or seen in Central Africa or Africans seen in Rwanda or in China as notorious called as "Cultural Revolution" under Maoism fundamentalism of machinery of killings of intellectual people who did not physically actually grow and kill cows to eat - consequences were certain damages on Chinese development in science and social technology to advance human rights and equality. Or such machinery killing were seen in Japan as OUM which had killed more than 1000 technocrats in the name of poa  in justification against modernism and westernized technology actually as in Islamist or Chinese Maoism was against globalization or anti-west anti-English language and anti-communism and anti-economy which make people to be survived as quality life of modernization in technology no matter where you live in woods or not. Nazis or Maoism OUM or jihadists whatever call it, what most such a machinery makes me flight ended is its justification of killings in hate against modernization and human rights. Jihadists or nazism Maoism or Rwanda massacre or assassination in US all are rooted from "fear" against modernization and human rights against unrestricted very physical actual action of Viking gang killings or robbery against ANY without "discrimination". Maoism is asking everyone to act not in words to attack and kill to make it even which is quite much similar to what jihadists do or OUM did or Hutu under Swiss Priest or Cambodian pol pot against Russia/US/France/Royal system/Economy and Nazism justified collective killings against law not to kill not to rob, against ANY of rich, in the name of tribe supremacy - all have been probably rooted from Viking gangs justifying killings and robberies in ANY "reasoning" especially denying economy - capitalism or communism- and modernization or human rights to order everyone not to kill. It is necessary to tackle jihadists as well as any similar machinery of justification or celebration of killing in the name of tribe or religious faiths or any differences between people to justify any brutal killings in any regions if the earth. And such attitudes against machinery of fundamentalism celebrating actual physical killings or robbery should be clearly differentiated from racism because it is not because of race but is against hangings sometimes exploiting, as AlQaeda, immigrants as gangs against original tribes in the name of immigrants rights -as everyone has seen in South Africa where white immigrants took over all the power to the extent which suppressed original tribes no matter which religious faiths South Africans had had, or Syria where original tribe Alawai have been killed along with Christians Shites Shiia or any including Sunnis against Sunni gang supremacy fundamentalism in the name if Islamist killing justification called Jihadists, or Israel where immigrants threats started killings which ignites Israelis violence locally or Japan where yakuza whose majority consists of former Taiwanese gangs has started having strong power since 2001 through violent harassments against ANY relates to westernized culture or English speaking via any anti-US chain "movements" in the name of "yonaoshi" (correction of Japan) by Katteren an employees' "organization" under strong pressures by Taiwanese yakuza based on anti-west anti-communism anti-human rights anti-labor rights aiming at increasing profits by crashing workers' human rights, proper over work payment or holiday taking claims or rights in the name of physical actual acts or movements "for all" or say totalianism to justify cut in personnel expenses to increase dividends for "shareholders" Asian tribe supremacy former Taiwanese yakuza based on totalianism or Maoism to decrease human rights and intellectual infrastructures in Japan gradually while increasing the number of workers royal to Katteren far right in the name of Asian tribe supremacy agaist globalization against English speaking against qualifications against objective testing but factorial ism amongst "people" in Katteren who serve long time "working" without over work payment claim or rights claim to die. What Katteren praises is "all for one one for all" which actually means "royalty" not for hardworking but for "working" for voting for DJP or similar political parties against LDP/JCP/Koumei, for being royal for former Taiwanese immigrant gang organization called katteren  without right claims or being "favored" by such exposed supremacy of Taiwanese immigrant gang violence against Japan modernization, against English speaking or reading or writing, against human rights, against West against communism against economy against individual rights concept which all are seeking to increase dividends and Casino Taiwanese yakuza in the name of Asian supremacy, investment in Japan. 

At the same time such machinery has been seen typically as nationalism against foreign culture such as seen Egypt where Sunni as a tribe of original and prevailing.  So such machinery cannot deemed as something which is necessarily attached with immigrant gang violence supremacy though while every nation unfortunately needs to pay attention to exploitation of immigrat ganging organization machinery to justify killings and robberies against any especially rich in minerals. 


No one should not be killed just because of lack of "rareness" or "value"of genes. Zoos and Aquariums are places where animals are protected under very best care for them.

Zoos are incredible but problem stays in EAZA program which orders any member zoos and aquariums to kill "unnecessary" animals in terms of rare valuable gene couple mating and making space and budget available to make more rare genes".

Please read EAZA policy and EAZA program which enforces ANY member zoos to kill animals EAZA orders to kill based on EAZA program. 


EZEA program obliges ANY, including UK zoos, zoos and aquariums to kill , euthanize, animals anytime when EAZA, European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, orders any member zoos and aquariums to do so in terms of necessity of  "prioritizing space and budgets for rare valuable animal genes" for" sustainable zoo managements" whenever EAZA finds "best time to mate rare valuable gene couples and necessity to kill animals unnecessary for making rare valuable genes"!

WWF must officially commit and stop EAZA program. 

Any American zoo, or Japanese zoo, are not members of EAZA have any responsibility to kill own zoo animals for making space and budget to mate and create rare valuable genes. No. But Japanese zoos are running its business with all animals no matter how they are ill old or handicapped. So "for sustainable zoo business" is just a lie of justification to kill for money via rare genes, I assume. Zoo is not business but zoo is a public service for ppl and animal good welfare.

I wrote the above in my account of Facebook on March 27, 2014 in response to the sad news of Marius the Giraff was killed by Copenharden Zoo just because of Europe Assiciation Zoos and Aqueriuns EAZA's program which obliges any member zoos and Aqueriuns to kill in terms of space and budget "efficient" to create "rare valuable genes" and according to the rule of EAZA program the Giraff was "unnecessary" as genes to create or keep "rare valuable" genes for zoo "business". And after Marius, Lions were also kled in the same zoo subject to request due to the same rule of EAZA program . _____________

The news telling the sad death of Giraff Marius is as follows:


And the news telling another sad deaths of lions under the EAZA program rule is as follows: 



憲法改悪自衛権明記集団自衛権を真正面から認めさせる民主党生活未来維新み ん な結い緑の気になる解釈憲法反対天皇家政治利用の本末転倒







解釈集団自衛権であるかぎり改憲はなく解釈集団自衛権は常に現行憲法の縛りの中で民主主義的憲法の枠内での歯止めが実際に可能で機能してきた。解釈集団自衛権歯止めが効かないから「憲法改悪で枠をはめましょう」は民主党生活未来維新結い緑の詐欺。実際民主党生活未来維新結いの基本は自衛権を明記すれば自衛権には集団自衛権を含むという憲法改悪改悪憲法のもと海外派兵軍需産業懲役兵核武装を自衛権の行使に含む現行憲法の拡大解釈にさらに拡大解釈できそれが憲法で争えない状況が民主党の鳩山憲法試案(大量破壊兵器否定徴兵制否定があるのが小沢一郎憲法試案との大きな違いだが9条改悪が大前提。だが9条堅持で憲法基本原則全くなくそうとするしかも9条の国際紛争の解決の為には武力用いないという文言を全く無視する小沢一郎憲法試案の9条堅持は9条堅持ではない上国際紛争の解決の為のあらゆるできうる限りを憲法9条で行うという「9条堅持」とはかけ離れた憲法破壊であるのが小沢一郎憲法試案でどちらもとりえない。またどちらも一院制三権分立破壊を内容とする議会改悪を含む)。特徴は一応核武装徴兵制否定であることだが、憲法改悪で自衛権を明記してしまえば自衛の為の核武装徴兵制軍拡解釈で可能だ。「独立した一つの章として「安全保障」を設け、自衛軍の保持を明記することとした。現行憲法のもっとも欺瞞的な部分を削除し、誰が読んでも同じ理解ができるものにすることが重要なのだ。この章がある以上、日本が国家の自然権としての個別的、集団的自衛権を保有していることについて議論の余地はなくなる。前章の国際協調の条文により、自衛軍の活動が制限されることも明らかだ。(鉤括弧内鳩山由紀夫オフィシャルホームページ 鳩山憲法試案 http://www.hatoyama.gr.jp/tentative_plan/1-5.html より引用)」



この生活未来緑の憲法に直接抵触するのに憲法内の話という強引極まりない解釈憲法に安倍首相が引きずられることのないようにきちんと国会は監視する必要があるが他方反安倍反自民で緑生活未来小沢一郎「9条堅持」のスローガンのもと実際は国際協力「国際の平和と安全の維持、回復のため我が国が積極的に貢献することは、憲法第九条に言う「国権の発動たる戦争」とは全く異質のものである。(上記鉤括弧内、文藝春秋 1999年9月特別号 所収

「日本国憲法改正試案」小沢一郎(自由党党首)http://bastos.fc2web.com/page004.html より引用)」




反自民で反安倍ならなんでもいいという反安倍反自民原理は解釈憲法反対という一件まともな議論の土俵に乗りつつ「9条堅持」の催眠術詐欺で結局は9条そのままで反撃ならなんでも、国連のお墨付きさえあれば海外派兵集団自衛権を前提の常備軍創設を遂行しようと次の選挙は反自民の洗脳を「陛下のお気持ちは反自民反安倍」との天皇家政治利用とともに強めている「一概に、国連を中心とした集団安全保障とは言っても、もちろん実はそこに国益が絡んでいることもある。湾岸戦争のときにも、アメリカはメジャーの石油資本を守りたいという思惑があると主張する人達がいた。確かに、自らの利権を守るために軍隊を派遣する側面もあった。しかしアメリカはけしからんと短絡的に批判することに、何の意味があるのか。(上記鉤括弧内、文藝春秋 1999年9月特別号 所収

「日本国憲法改正試案」小沢一郎(自由党党首)http://bastos.fc2web.com/page004.html より引用)」

「直接的に武力攻撃を受けたときの反撃手段のため、最小限度の軍事力として自衛隊を持つ。加えて国連の一員として平和維持活動に協力して「国連常備軍」の創設を計画したり、軍縮や核兵器廃絶などの具体的な目標を法律(安全保障基本法)に織り込むことも可能である。(上記鉤括弧内、文藝春秋 1999年9月特別号 所収

「日本国憲法改正試案」小沢一郎(自由党党首)http://bastos.fc2web.com/page004.html より引用)」




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